About Us

Calamus is an Electric Vehicle & Technology company that is currently focusing on the micro-mobility sector. At Calamus, we have built the next generation of e-bikes - the UltraBikes. Calamus One is the world's safest and most advanced UltraBike. We are solving the problems of the current e-bike industry by creating a category-defining product that focuses on key issues in the e-bike industry - safety and theft protection. We have developed innovative features like blind-spot assist, GPS tracking, rider recognition etc. that makes Calamus One the world's safest and most advanced e-bike. Calamus is not just an e-bike company. It's an EV technology company. At Calamus, we focus on the technology platform that we have created for all vehicles in the Calamus eco-system. We incorporate industry-first features in our bikes - blind spot assist, integrated touch screen display, multi-layered theft protection, etc. UltraBikes were launched on a crowdfunding platform - Indiegogo and generated pre-orders from over 27 countries. Calamus One has also won multiple design awards including the Good Design award 2019 for product design, India's Best Design Award 2019 and Lexus India Design Award 2020. Also filed multiple design and utility patents.







Nilesh Bothra (LEFT)

Co-founder & CEO

Every dream begins with a dreamer and that’s exactly what happened with Nilesh. He fell in love with cars at a tender age of three and dreamt of building his own supercar one day. After attending 2 Formula SAE, Italy, events during his college days, he earned the golden opportunity of leading the Formula SAE team to Japan in the year 2016, post which he co-found an advanced composite startup in college. After completing his graduation he went onto work with one of the finest automobile making companies in the industry, Rolls Royce followed by an authentic Nepalese food-cart startup. His dream project, Calamus, then came through and he hasn’t looked back ever since!



Huzaifa Hararwala (RIGHT)

Co-founder & CTO

Huzaifa is one of the most intuitive coders you’ll ever meet. His interest in computer technology was ignited at a very early age and he has been coding and building computers since school, where he specializes in network and security. Designing efficient & intricate programming boards has always been his forte. After completing his graduation in Bachelor’s in Computer Science he worked with Mozilla Firefox. Huzaifa and Nilesh met in their college hostel and their shared passion for technology led them to building Calamus right after it. Huzaifa also thoroughly enjoys baking!