Ultrabike: One-75

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672 WH
750 W
28 MPH
50 Miles
Empower your mornings
With cool breeze in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your body and the power in your hands.
Recipe for a perfect commute? Indeed.
Powered by Ultra-drive mid-motors from Bafang, and driven by carbon belts from Gates, these bikes are ultra-responsive. They’re also ultra-efficient. The Calamus One gives you upto 50 Miles/80 km of range on a single charge, has a detachable battery and quick-charge capabilities. With an integrated weather-proof computer and navigation touchscreen, the One is the only e-bike to offer integrated support for android apps, rider profiles, and real-time self-diagnosis.
Designed to mesmerize
Leave a bold statement on the road and leave them wanting more. Set the trend.
World’s first e-bike with an inbuilt TFT touchscreen, that lets you interact with the Ultrabike’s advanced features. Its central computer and army of sensors, constantly evaluate the bike’s health, and helps keep the
The Ultrabike’s battery has been thoughtfully designed to be detachable. So you can carry it back home and charge it in an ordinary wall socket.
Bafang’s latest generation Ultra-drive motors can extract greater amounts of torque from the same power rating, giving the One slope-climbing power irrespective of the weight it’s carrying.
Belt Drive
Ultrabikes come with lag-less carbon belts from Gates making your bike ultra-silent and ultra-responsive.

Blind Spot Assist With Haptic Feedback

The Calamus One is equipped with Blindspot Assist System that constantly scan for approaching vehicles outside your field of vision. If you happen to turn or change lanes while a vehicle approaches in your blindspot, your handle-bar will vibrate to warn you. 

Google Map Navigation

The bike is google map-enabled to easily navigate anywhere around the world using a global network card and a GPS chip that comes inbuilt into the bike.

Finger Print Unlock

The bike also has an ultra-fast biometric scanner for locking, unlocking and rider profile recognition. The scanner is a capacitive fingerprint scanner that is located just below the screen on the handlebar.

Anti-theft alarm

You parked your bike in the parking lot and someone is trying to steal or mess with your bike. How do you know? The bike has a built-in anti-theft alarm that works in 2 stages when someone is trying to steal or tamper with the bike. First is a warning provided to the thief in case of an attempt where the owner is also informed through the mobile app, if he/she continues tampering then a loud alarm comes on and another warning is sent to the owner via the app.

Smart Power Management

Short Circuit and
Overcurrent Protection
Double Protection
From Overcharging
auto sleep protection
Find your inner-self
Wander to new pastures you have always wanted to go to. The time is now.

Information at your fingertips (iOS & Android)

Bike status
Smart Lock
Fall Alert
Companion in the dark
The illumination you need to on the road. See clearer and be seen always, even at night.

Package Contents

Calamus One-75 Bike x1
Battery Pack x1
Charging Adapter x1
Tool Box x1
User Manual x1
Quick Start Guide x1
Legal Statement x1
Warranty Card x1

Technical Specification

Frame Anodized Aircraft grade Aluminum
Suspension Mono-shock front suspension with 35mm travel
Saddle Velo Ergo saddle with Satori suspension seat post
Weight 52 lb (23.5 Kgs)
Wheels 28" I Anodized aluminum rims I Stainless steel spokes
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben (28"x 2") puncture-protected tires
Lights 500 Lumens automatic LED lighting system with DRLs StVZO compliant
Gears Rohloff Speedhub 14 (Mechanical shifting)
Brakes Shimano AMT200 Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes(160mm)
Handlebars Ergonomic single piece anodized aircraft grade Aluminum with integrated stem
Belt Gates Carbon CDX belt drive system
Warranty 2 years
Top Speed 28 Mph/ 45Km/h
Range 30 miles (full power) 50 miles (economy mode)
Power 750 W Mid-drive Motor I 4 power levels
Battery 676 Wh capacity I Removable with a key
Charger Ultrafast 52.4V, 4A I 3 hours for full charge I 30 minutes for 10 miles/16 Kms
Touchscreen Display Integrated 4" Capacitive touch LCD TFT display Android enabled with Calamus Intelli UI
Ultra Boost Button Quick on-demand acceleration
In-built Speaker High-frequency smart horn I System and alarm sounds
Wireless Tech Rider Profile recognition I Over-the-air firmware updates
Security Integrated theft defense system with Ultra smart lock, Anti-theft nuts and bolts & GPS, 4G enabled
Phone App IOS and Android compatible I Adjustable rider preferences I Find your bike
Blindspot Assist Haptic feedback through handlebar by Blindspot Detection module (Up to 20m)

Geometry And Dimension

All dimensions in mm.
Specs M L
Rider Height 160-185 cm ( 5.2" - 6.06") 185-200 cm ( 6.06" - 6.65")
Inseam 75-85 cm ( 29.5" - 33.4") 80-90 cm ( 31.5" - 35.4" )
Seat Height 700-800 750-850
Seat Tube length 445 485
Top Tube length 523.8 578.3
Head tube Length 120 150
Head tube Angle 70 70
Seat Tube Angle 73 73
Belt Stay Length 470 470
Wheelbase 1101 1151
Stack 615 643
Reach 385 424